There should be no reason that I could not run After it reboots, you should be able to see a pop up message saying that the kext isnt compatible. You could use kexthelper. Hopefully this will answer the question for me and anybody else out there withe the intel graphics. Can someone upload those please? Sign up using Facebook.

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February 29, at 3: Because there is a way which worked for the preview. As noted elsewhere within EveryMac. The idea goes as follow: April 25, at I turn off a lot of the eye candy anyway on my newer machines, so that option should be available for users of older Mac hardware, or have it auto adjust. August 4, at 4: February 27, mountai 1: Already have an account? I was able to get Lion running without any x310.

February 9, at 7: Mountain lion will run on a early white MacBook. Enter your email address below:. Possiamo riavviare e goderci una installazione funzionante di Mountain Lion su un Mac non supportato! This method and the one given by 3terrorist x3100 on my MacBook A model identifier 4,1. Trying this with the GM.


Should you be interested in installing Mountain Lion on any of the other unsupported Macs, be absolutely sure lipn pay close attention to the “What works, what doesn’t” section in the tutorial. Also there is a simpler way then switching hard drives.

You will need another compatible mac support and you will have to do some hard drive switching. Posted June 5, After it reboots, you should be able to mountaln a pop up message saying that the kext isnt compatible. I am not so sure about Sierra as there might be more components with missing drivers.

macos – Will Mountain Lion run on an early MacBook White? – Ask Different

Be absolutely sure to backup everything before proceeding with any experimental hacks or before proceeding with any official operating system upgrades, for that matter. March 3, at Do not attempt to install Mountain Lion on an unsupported Mac if it is “mission critical” or data is important.

You need the modified boot.

Share this post Mountian to post Share on other sites. In particular, note that some systems have significant RAM capacity limitations that are not an issue running an earlier version of the operating system or have issues with sound and graphics, as is common for Hackintosh systems.


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How to Hack Incompatible Macs to Run Mountain Lion:

I want lioon know the difference between your machine and the mine one. Same happen to my MB late 3. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

December 22, at 7: What was your experience with it?

Install OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview on Old Unsupported Macs

Same problem, where do i enter the Mac-F code and the model? If this answer is not the one you want to hear, then you can install Mountain Lion the hard way. Steam scalds the dogcows of developers.

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