You are viewing our forum as a guest. Log in or Sign up. In addition, party elites could compromise across it. My guess, it could be a USB issue or a driver issue in my registry. You can easily solder in new Omrons if the existing switches are shot, too. SteelSeries Kana would be your best bet as it is the exact dimensions or the FK2 which is a little thinner and lower. I really don’t want buttons on my mouse lol, Im thinking of getting the Logitech MX, Any thoughts about it?

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I can get back into the action in no time at all. D, my mx left button is fucked. Hello, I am having a problem with my Wheel Mouse Optical 1. Hi, Just to keep up to date with my mouse problems.

Emospence Thread Starter Posts: Do you have anything else plugged into the USB ports? I will connect it to my PS2 once I get an adaptor for it. I wonder if it would be worth trying to make up a new user account and see if it runs OK there. In addition, party elites could compromise across it. Currently i have this mouse http: If it’s good enough for the best Q4 players, you don’t need to worry about it messing up your game.


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SteelSeries Kana would be your best bet as it is the exact dimensions or the FK2 which is a little thinner and lower. Sorry if I’m derailing the thread a bit, but what do you consider to be jicrosoft good price?

Submit a new text post. However, there are a lot of clones running better sensor out there, and you’d better get one of the following:. Norway Just one more thing. Tested a bit and I think it skips only when I lift the mouse at same time when I do a fast flick move. All you need is the drivers which xp will install automatically anyway. Fri, 06 September When you reboot, try installing a standard USB?


Perfect as a cheap mouse whwelmouse gaming centres since the performance is very good for such a low price mouse. If you have the same problem it is fairly certain that the problem lies in the computer.


Please if anyone knows any fix about this problem, pls share it with me so I could stop pulling my hair of my head, LOL Thx, Stephan. I just tried mine on my raindrop xl for the first time last night, and I have to say, it pwns pretty hard.

Personnal preference, but opticxl to tell your fingers to deal with 4 buttons coming from a WMO is pretty painful. Even changing to standard drivers and then changing back may correct the problem.

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Uninstall any Intellimouse software, uninstall the mouse drivers and maybe the USB controllers as well. MouseReview submitted 1 year ago by york2k. Our simple rules, follow them! Hi Pete, Thanks for the warm welcome. I only have the mouse plugged in my usb.

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