The regressions are in kernel 2. Don’t reboot yet, mount the newly installed OS and then roll your own initrd. Thanks for everyone who have helped me in some way Yeah, we have a couple of servers with the same board Want to keep up with the hottest industry headlines?

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Yukon Gigabit Ethernet Controllers. I’ve finally managed to get the marevll working by mounting the. The only page for their SATA chipsets is: No other information for this chipset with Google search. The other HDD for back-up purposes is connected to the on-board Marvell controller. Results 1 to 20 of Allow the user to control this decision via ahci. For Marvell the 88SE91xx chips, there is a product brief document.

List of Marvell Technology Group chipsets

Website, accessed August 8, Want to keep up with the hottest industry headlines? Log in with your username and password. Any ideas how to install the. This is a list of computer chipsets made by Marvell Technology Group. Then just download the source and make your own drives, then insmod If can take a look if it’s online if you want Join Date Jul Posts Are 88sxx6041 sure that the kernel sources 2.


PATA hardware issue [32].

SATA Controllers

Had these issues with Debian this year, I just made a custom patch to put the 88sxx6041 module driver into the kernel source not a moduleI hate initrd. Originally Posted by DigitalN. Hi, I’ve contacted SuperMicro about this problem and they’ve just sent me an. Use the boot parameter: Web Hosting Talk Team. Is there any way of forcing the detection without rebooting the server?

Then reboot, then download the latest kernel which does have support What you need is a server with a fresh install of CentOS 4 on it, compile the driver from source and then boot on the server with the Marvell H2 from the CentOS CD, load up that driver, then install. While these devices claim to have AHCI support, they have quirks that need to be handled.

Originally Posted by Bdzzld. You can find more information for this driver here: For Marvell 88Ex chip, there is a product brief document http: Website, accessed October 19, By registering you’ll gain: Hmm, you’re not booting from a drive on that controller?


Marvell 88SX controller and CentOS | Web Hosting Talk

This workaround work only with chipset that have AHCI support. Marvell doesn’t provide public information for these chipsets on their website. Hi Steven, Thanks for your response

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