However, you can always find a pc out there that supports standard PCI an still get wonderful performance at a lessor pc cost. M-Audio External Sound Cards. But she farted after 3 months: No doubt that the components are not worth those of a pro config, but honestly the sound is really excellent. Much less noisy than on-board sound system, particularly for recording line-in signals.

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It uses a PCI interface. My computer didn’t even notice the difference and it came right up like the previous one always had. If you don’t, you’ll be audoophile more money to get this setup to work or you’ll need to go for a different M-Audio card with an interface.

Had one in another machine for past couple years. For various reasons, I am being forced to upgrade from my old Windows 7 machine to a new computer and Windows Omar RObledo December 16, Bundle a complete and prix.

All data paths support up to bits. Deltta use it mainly with Elektrik Piano live.

Audiophie24/ Windowsbit, driver.

If you’re tired on dimpy, tinny, and muddy sound from the onboard audio, try this card. Worked perfectly ever since. Originally posted on FutureProducers. You will need outboard mic preamps, and a hardware mixer if you use a lot of mics.


M-Audio Audiophile PCI Digital Recording B&H

Wanna dabble in computer audio recording? I bought this used for a reasonable price. My current setup is a Dlta turntable, on-board vs. Rather than taking a big sound card, I decided to invest in the rest of my studio PC overkill, guitars and basses horny sound and touch, microphone choices relatively large, multi-effect pedal for extension of inputs for the map.

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Community-powered support for M-Audio. Official Representatives Corey S Employee. It is very convenient to be able to change at will, it can happen to me to increase the buffer up to when I use many virtual instruments and effects. Log in Become a member. But so far so good.

M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI Audio Sound Card 2496

Graeme Warner September 23, I’m sticking with Linux, open software and audiophhile hardware from now on. You may also like. Sort by most recent most useful. Create a new topic About this Question The only other cards I’ve had experiences with before this was gaming sound cards primarily “Sound Blaster”.


Ulf M November 03, Rated 5 out of 5 by hardbop from Works like a charm! Acknowledged In progress Doesn’t need answer Answered. It is really maddening that we are being forced to use a technology that is inferior to PCI.

All user reviews for the M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96

There all sorts of tips in these forums m-aufio adjusting buffers, updating ASIO etc etc etc to eliminate or reduce latency problems. My intergrated sound card wound up burnning out when hooked up to my older sound system. I mean I’ve done them here and there and just had bad results but I’ve heard good results as well.

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