Is anybody have an idea why this isn’T workin? Android unfortunately has support only for tun. It helped me get a user-mode tunnel running on CentOS 6. Yes that is what I need as architecture. I think you’ve got it backwards.

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Actually, I am working with virtual machines VMware playerso I can’t make a direct connection using cables.

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Yuntap report any bug or error you find in the code or otherwise in this article. As I already wrote down the problem on Stackoverflow I kindly ask you to take a look at my questions there: Thanks much for taking the time to find all this out — I can make progress again!

HI Waldner, I am running a Ubuntu November 25, at I read similar error up in comments but in runtap different situation Alright, it seems that the ifconfig output is misleading. For what it’s worth, it works for me on Debian, Gentoo and Arch Linux. I ended up getting this to work with a couple different techniques.

In case you want to write the pcap file yourself, you can use libpcapwhich is the low-level library upon which tcpdump, Wireshark and other network analyzers are built. Honestly I dont linu understand what it does Now I am able to setup tun, collect the data via C program and send linyx to the named pipe and retrieve it from java code at the other end of the pipe. What do you think?


The IP address in these packets are same as that of the tap interface. If you want to capture only a certain type of traffic, you can specify filters to tcpdump, for example tcpdump -i eth0 icmp will capture only ICMP traffic, or tcpdump -i eth0 tcp port 80 will capture tkntap only HTTP traffic, etc.

It’s quite strange, it definitely works using kernel 2. The frame you receive on tap1 has the destinationa MAC linuux tap1 obviously, or your application wouldn’t receive it.

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This is what programs like tunctl or openvpn –mktun thntap, for example. I think you are running into an alignment problem, and it sounds like you are on a bit machine. This means that you can have 10 machines in London for instance and 50 in Berlin, and you can create a computer ethernet network using addresses from the The problem is I am getting an invalid packet once I write it to the windows tun driver.

What I like tnutap a minimal design, and a bridge doesn’t need a MAC address.

Ah, I see, I was looking at an old version. We’ll come back to this below.

tcp – How to properly configure a tun/tap Interface in linux? – Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

I did a tcpdump on the sending tap interface and verified the sending side is ok. I see some reference to people doing things with nat’s to trick the kernel into sending data out the wire, but it but it tunttap painful.


But if it does the latter, here’s what happens. I use the recent iproute2 from git. I am not entirely sure about this point-to-point config to be honest. Not sure what you’re trying to do with brctl When doing so, for it to be successful three things must happen: More information is welcome. Finally, I was able to get the program working again if: Usually I think always, not surethe iproute2 code for all other interfaces does not check existence of interface before removing it.

My question is that if my tutnap writes packets to the file descriptor associated with a tun device, then will these packets be processed by the iptables and the kernel routing tables or will they be dropped if there is no other user space process is responsible for receiving these packets. July 15, at

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