Such a moderate result is accounted for by a slow memory installed on the card. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Quake3 Arena demo The test on the standard demo was carried out in two modes: First off, the card comes with a heatsink and fan to provide a source of active cooling to the MHz GeForce2 MX core. Somehow the tweakers think its DDR ram. It means that the memory could receive not more than 64 bits of data per clock cycle and the less the portion, the lower the performance factor of the memory.

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The Card – NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 64MB

Installation of 64 MBytes is silly in this case. More new LCD Technology. Log in Don’t have an account?

It is true that in the long run these cards will perform better as games get more complexbut in the current generation of games 64MB of RAM on a video card is simply unnecessary thanks to texture compression. Please varify geforcf2 support in the graphics card before purchasing.

It is apparently differs from a usual one in a production technology, but it works at the same MHz as the GeForce2 MX. The card is equipped with the GeForce2 MX graphics processor.

Being equipped with 6 ns memory chips, you should not expect the graphics memory to run much faster than the default MHz, even though this card clearly differs from leadtdk reference design. Nobody has decided to release a card on the MX This seemed high to me. Lack of overclocking potential due to the cheap memory; Lsadtek memory frequencies of the MX and MX are lower than those in the specifications; Write a comment below.


Brings natural material properties smoke, clouds, water, cloth, plastic, etc to life via advanced per-pixel shading capabilities in a single pass. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Whereas ATI reduces frequency and restricts some functions to obtain cheaper solutions, 3dfx have disabled the second TMU on the Velocity The memory is the same. Somehow the tweakers think its DDR ram.

Note that there is also GeForce2 MX Quake3 Arena demo The test on the standard demo was carried out in two modes: As for a graphics processor, there is nothing cut, and even the frequency remains the same MHz. The card is shipping in a smaller Retail-package. Anyone out there with more info on this card. What’s in the box: The card is shipping in a Retail-package of a usual design.

GeForce2 MX

So a bit confused. When i open the winfox overclocking software the card was defaultly set to core memory Of course, such cards must be equipped with 6 ns memory what would have allowed speed increasing, but just look at the overclocking results!


Currently this feature is not available on Mac systems. Thus, they have achieved a very good reduction of expenses for production of cards based on these chipsets. The two that come to mind are the hardware monitoring capabilities of the card provided by the Winbond WS chip and the addition of 3 status LEDs that aid in troubleshooting. I thought that the negative experience of producing Inno3D Tornado GeForce2 MX 64 MBytes would not take place again, but unfortunately, Leadtek has also decided to “buy” users with a such memory size on video cards which don’t need it.

TwinView boosts productivity by geforc2e the user to have two simultaneous displays without a second graphics board. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Its memory bus was cut not to exceed 64 bits. With a simple control panel, you select and control lexdtek color settings of your display’s entire visual output.

But the cards mustn’t cost more than the current GeForce2 MX based ones. When on a shelf next to 32MB cards, the 64MB distinction quickly wins the hearts of the uninformed consumer.

The cooler has an unusual form what also a distinguishing feature of Leadtek cards.

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