The Alfa is a really great card: Admin December 26, at 2: Me August 7, at 3: Enough to have the Feds knocking at your door. I intend to get a signal outside the hospital. Kali App is not

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KisMAC – ForensicsWiki

Admin August 11, at 8: I used this adapter indoor in a three storey building for over a year to iksmac connect to a hotspot which was about a ft from me. Anonymous February 7, at 3: Admin September 27, at 5: It is no longer maintained.

Will I have the power?

Anonymous December 1, at 2: Unless Realtek Semiconductor Corp decide to re-write their drivers entirely. Thanks so Much so far! I read on Amazon’s 36NHR page very good and very bad reviews.

Big SAM October 10, at 2: Shaun Favell May 28, at 5: That nerdy girl who is skinny December 25, at 1: Matt Guterres July 27, at 3: Jan August 23, at 9: Supertu Headbullet October 22, at Rocari DJ November 20, at 7: First, a flat panel is a directional antenna, hence need to be aimed to the source.


Rx and Tx are different things. October raoink, at 3: Is there any other way to go about connecting to the internet besides running Windows or Linux through a virtual machine?

I’m spanish so i read it in a spanish blog, i leave you link: Kimac but Berliner Kindle. Fact 1 If you have 2 glasses of water at 50 degrees, mixing the water together does not bring the temperature to degrees.

ralin, Admin January 14, at 2: Hi, good ralini and bad news: Anonymous November 24, at 7: Admin October 7, at That nerdy girl who is skinny January 14, at 2: I thought the chip set is the only thing that matters, am I mistaken? Jones June 10, at 8: The Signal, even if “Directional” is not a “laser beam”.

Second, Even if your antenna is directional, the AP source may not be.

Fact 2 Being able to scream very loud doesn’t mean that kismwc can speak very fast. If you wish, you can purchase a second Arecibo.


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