If you don’t flair your post, it will be removed. That last one might be pretty easy. His father was the fifth of seven after all. Marco was in some kind of heaven and some kind of hell. Jackie, on the other hand, was thinking more along the lines of Marco shutting up, kissing her, and sliding his hands under her shirt in a dark theater.

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He was sweating hard under his sweater but he was hoping that the pounding in his chest wasn’t conveyed on his face. See You Again 5. Much like a xenomorph, actually.

How beautiful she is, how smart, how cool, how she makes him smile just by being around. Rafael continued to protest while Angie giggled like she was a girl again. Want to add to the discussion?

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Should we, like, dress up? Don’t insult other users, fandoms, etc.

Jackie wanted to run her hands along it, to feel the texture of him under her fingers. Why was this so difficult? But again, this is an opinion. Jackie wanted this to be a real date, not a pretend date where she was the only one thinking about the other in a romantic sense. Marco was regretting not taking that sweater by the time he got home.


Posts of fan works should include a link to give credit to their original creator. Oh god I’m never going to get any work done. The show is also available through digital platforms. They are not the same show, to my understanding they aren’t similar in any jatco. Please try again later. She licked her lips.

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He’d text her tomorrow. They were approaching the theater.

Marco rolled his eyes as his father started to chase her and walked up to his room, not wanting to hear the aftermath of when he caught her. Jackie moaned into Marco’s ear, whether in pain or pleasure he couldn’t tell, but he let off the pressure and let her lean back again.

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I’m completely ruining my first date with the girl of my dreams and this is terrible I am so sorry please just forgive me I’m having a little troubleanthatisn’thelping! Me and you, like, alone.


Hover over the beautifully alphabetically-organized tabs below to view the emotes and their names. I looked at that post again, and I did notice you only discussed paid sources.

Marco texted Jackie at five, asking if she would prefer walking or getting a ride. This was something Janna would do, not her, but she couldn’t help herself. It is all a slow buildup to an inevitable destination. Tentacle Make Everything Better The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

When the lights came up they were actually surprised, the end of the film not having been heard.

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