Be careful not to cut too deep and slice away the plastic. I had tried to pay a C-programmer friend years ago to write me a driver for it to no avail and even considered trying to figure out how to hack one up myself to support this, but I knew it would likely turn into a huge project with a very steep learning curve. More later on in the article about the microcontroller. Search for Repair Companies Find IT and telecom service centers, recyclers, asset recovery centers, testing companies and dealers that service equipment and offer Industry Services. These ones featured an optical sensor and a glowing ScrollPoint mechanism.

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MOUSE, id 9 [ The research document can be read here: Once I determine the cause of the increased sensitivty of the revision B ScrollPoints I will report back here. Lenovo only manufactures the standard black issue ones. ScrollPoint Sensor Optimization If you rely on the ScrollPoint over a conventional ‘wheel’ mouse and are seeking to increase the performance and capability of your ScrollPoint; there are a few modifications that can help the existing sensor used in mouxe mice.

Options by IBM: IBM Optical 3-Button ScrollPoint Mouse — dpi — PS/2 & USB

The dpi optical sensor is more accurate and faster than before. You should see at least these three drivers loaded in order from bottom up:. If I ever get a chip programmer I will update this section with more information.

It’s impossible to purchase this mouse new unless you can find new old stock. Applying InputClass ” ScrollPoint “.


IBM ScrollPoint – mouse – PS/2 – white Overview – CNET

You will lose the ability to track transparent surfaces however presently looking into how to get the ‘best’ of both. Our offerings include financing for IT acquisition, including hardware, software and services, both from IBM and other manufacturers or vendors.

If you have scrollpoimt coloured ScrollPoints, you can mix and match button colours. This driver also fixes issues with using the ScrollPoint in Google Chrome.

If you’re going to use a Lenovo board, be warned that some people have reported premature failure with them– most likely due to cold solder joints or prematurely failed capacitors. The models for both mice are the same, however the part number varies depending on which colour you get.

Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. Approximately five minutes Packaging: First and foremost, it’s interesting the earlier IBM mouse lacked a detachable USB cable– and all of the sudden in the later models they implement this which is helpful when you have to disassemble these mice en-masse.

IBM Optical Scrollpoint Mouse

Microsoft is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. I am not sure if the sensor will pick it up, but it should; and if it does, you’ll have a more intuitive mouse able to hit more surface variations.

Offerings for all customer segments: Restart X Advertisements Share this: Force-sensing stick for scrolling and other functions including: When you’re replacing the ScrollPoint LED, ensure the replacement has sufficiently long leads to go inside the spacer.


They srollpoint the more elaborate ScrollPoint III Pro Model 31P as pictured above inpresumably due to the cost of manufacture and little demand.

IBM ScrollPoint Optical 3 Button Mouse

However, the stark blue doesn’t quite match the translucent “IBM blue” ScrollPoint cap which is very close to lavender. Please fill out the form below to request a quote from all of the available quantities of this item or select specific products to quote.

Here’s a photo comparing both slate blue colours and a metallic black: Some configurations may not be compatible. These are probably the harder ScrollPoint Pros to find, but also some of the least desirable due to their DPI ball mechanism.

You have to use a fine pair of pliers to snip the excess plastic out, shown here: These mice are no longer manufactured as previously mentioned to be fair, 9 years is scollpoint rather long manufacturing period for a computer peripheral. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Fixing the divot on the button plastic. The original ScrollPoints used a “cat’s tongue” TrackPoint cap: Telephone support may be subject to additional charges, even during the limited warranty period.

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