If you don’t anchor it, where’s it going to go? For example, fitted with a spade, it does a fine job of cutting through clay for footings. It’s also often “high early strength” concrete, so builders don’t have to let it cure as long before building on it, and I wonder if the high early strength stuff my never get as hard as the old “classic” concrete. The Milwaukee Rotary Hammer goes in one-handed and I drilled all those holes with 2 bits! But could be the beach mix from back in the day

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The hammer drill is it a true one like a Hilti or a small drill with a bump feature? The particular concrete mix makes a difference too.

3/16″ x 2-1/4″ Hex Tapcon Concrete Screw, 100/Box

Must admit i gave up on screw in’s for yapcon work a few years ago When I drilled the holes for my lift I bought a hammer drill from the local fleet farm. Powers Steel Dropin Specifications.

The carbide tip on the Tapcon drill not a cheap bit is worn to a nub, however, and I suspect the hole got oversized just from the drill being hliti it so long. It only gets slower! I knew the floor was hard, but I had forgotten just HOW hard it is. The aggregate is so hard that the Tapcons get stuck and can’t cut the thread. Tapocn, some rocks will drill slower then others, but progress is obvious and reasonably quick.


The only device that ever did it was a huge rented Bosch I never have the luxury of working on freshly poured concrete so never use them.

It pretty much sucks for hammer drilling in hard concrete.

If it fell apart on day two I would have cared less. I laid on it with a lot of weight Bolt Length When a bolt is used in conjunction with the anchor, the length of the bolt needed is determined by considering these factors: It takes less effort to drill a few holes till you get it then the keep trying and fail and break the bit and the drill.

Powers Stud Anchor – Submittal. Inpeople were happy to be working, and I doubt they were too worried about the gravel, or getting a prescribed compressive strength. He indicated having had great success with it, but mostly used in concrete blocks and relatively newish construction slabs.

It was 7 bags per yard, today the BEST is 6 bags. As for the Tapcon, the 1 hole worked fine Always remember to wear safety goggles, handle all tools with extra care and follow all technical specifications.


Hilti Anchor | Concrete Fasteners

On some concrete hlti drill as fast as wood bits on wood. Wouldn’t be very strong. Let the drill “float” – no pressure This is after one hole, plus about 10mm deep on the next hole. A safety factor of 4: It is available in the following sizes and can be ordered by calling You can stand on one side and feel the breeze from someone breathing on the other side.

Anchoring Reference Shelf

I don’t have enough call for hammerdrills to buy an industrial one Still can’t say anything without being obnoxious Bottom line is for those that want to punch holes in concrete or stone, there is no comparison between a hammer drill and a rotary hammer. That’s hllti hammering action. To order the hammer drive anchor from Concrete Fasteners, Inc. The nails which are driven by gunpowder did not penetrate this concrete, they were bent or broken. Unfortunately sometimes it is NOT so nice when things stay the same.

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