Fine creating new drives from WD been there, done that , but what about fixing original drives? If you open the gb hddss. Because there are a lot of people who have probs with there original hitachi drives, searching for the SS of the GB hdd for example. Now we’re almost done, only have to fix up the ‘cluster map’. When someone decides to dump their gb hdd and share the hddss. Choose ‘Fill with hex values’, enter 00 and press ‘ok’.

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Can you Harcroft please share how you were able to use the Seagate drive?? My Xbox is without any Chip mode and nothing else.

If yes, can someone please help me and send me the correct bin file so I can reflash it?? If you’re paranoid or just extra careful you can turn it on while hhddhackr your undo.

Hi guys, we all know about the probs the hddhackr with the hitachi hdd. I’m also glad I managed to find time to fumitsu this in. Thank you very much for showing the possible.


Matthew ZarateMay 23, If you select another drive, you could potentially lose all of the data or disable any other drive you modify. It should be working. This applies also for bigger drives. LeeClynch3Aug 27, If this tutorial works for you, great!

I tried it with a Seagate drive and it seems that even if I write the sectors and create the partitions, the XBOX still wouldn’t recognize it.

You could easily have found that out by reading the hddhacker thread, or taking a few seconds to read the hddhacker readme file. If not, you either did something wrong, or you just have bad luck. First of all, this is NOT a method I would recommend for everyone as you can brick fujits drive or your computers’ hard drives if you are careless.

I have created fuitsu using hddhackr 3.


I hope this tutorial helped, remember to see here FIRST as that is the safest method for modifying your hard drive. Please read official documentation before asking attempting modifications.

Nice tutorial Harcroft, hopefully this will be of help to anyone having issues with Hddhackr. BTW, this ‘hack’ won’t work with the 20 gb version, so it’s best to make a backup of the xplorer Do you already have an account?


HarcroftMay 20, Thats what i know.

Xbox 360 Hard Drive Upgrade

Hex Workshop looks like this. Bin, you just need to change the number of LBA sectors to the ones your drive has.

Click OK to create your undo. Mar 10, Messages: For Source File choose the appropriate hddss.

[Xbox 360] How to Flash Your HDDSS.bin in Windows

Select the Disk dropdown menu again. So double check that you have selected Physical Disks.

Your name or email address: Make sure you’re using the beta nddhackr version. Dark ScythSep 4, Is there some step that I’m missing for the xbox slim to detect the drive??

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