Specify the length of documents. It detects a multi feed by differences in document thickness when two or more docu- ment sheets are fed overlapping. Page 83 The Pick roller Bushing is hard. Select the scanner to be used. Be sure to scan only documents of the same width together.

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Before you start to clean the inner parts of the scanner, disconnect tujitsu AC adapter from the power outlet, and wait at least 15 minutes to let the glass cool down. Fujitsu fi C2 and fi C2 workgroup scanners conveniently include everything inbox to get organizations up and scanning.

ScanPartner fi-4220C2 Flatbed Scanner

When the multi feed detection is ON, are the multi feed detection conditions satisfied? The following shows the procedure for fj-4220c2 a batch of mixed size documents. The documents are checked by light and the dif- ferences of light reflection are recognized as character shapes. The Fujitsu fiC2 scanner brings the perfect balance of speed and versatility to distributed and front-office scanning environments.

Software Downloads: fiC2 / fiC2 – Fujitsu Global

Not only have we provided users with the most common profiles used by customers—black and white, color, and auto-color—new profiles are easily created or modified through a fuiitsu.

Workgroups and small businesses demand the same reliable performance and outstanding image quality as their larger counterparts, but usually lack the budget and space for production-level scanning equipment. However, do not use paint thinner or other organic solvents.


For more information about support please see http: Doing so might cause a fire or electric shock. Make sure that the scanner is installed on a flat, level surface and that none of its parts extend beyond the surface top, such as a desk or table.

Search by up to 17 common document scanner features Use our Compare Scanners page to compare features side-by-side F-i4220c2 consumablescleaning kitsmaintenance contracts and replacement parts for any document scanner, including discontinued models Find links to isus websites, PDF brochures and driver downloads Contact an expert for answers to your scanner questions.

I lost the CD that can with my scanner. Do not splash or allow the scanner to get wet. Table Of Contents 2.

With true dpi optical resolution, this enhanced color scanner allows you to capture the intricate details of your documents that other scanners might miss. Read the document on the document bed face down. Select this tab when setting cache mode, multi feed detection, blank page skipping, etc.

The document edges will be slightly misaligned, as shown in the picture. Do not use currency symbols or punctuation in these fields. Accumulated dust can cause fire or electric shock. The built-in automatic document feeder allows users to scan up to 50 pages at once and can even handle more Click the “Device Set” tab.


Moreover, the fi C2 and fi C2 scanners possess exceptional paper handling with length and thickness double feed detection as well as long document scanning support up to 34 inches. Pages related to Fujitsu Flatbed Scanners: Attatch the Pick roller to the scanner in reverse order of the procedure for removing.

Take care not to catch the pick springs to avoid bending.

Fujitsu Scanner Products from KeyMark

Page 30 [Reset] button Used to undo changes of settings. Page [Sub-scan Setting].

Select the application with its process, excuted by the event. Cleaning Materials Cleaner F1 or isopropyl alcohol Soft, dry cloth For details on Cleaner F1, consult the agent where you bought your scanner.


Business Services Performance Management. Scanning Large Documents With Flatbed 2. If the remedies in these flowcharts do not solve the problem, check the items in “5.

Remove the Pick roller from the scanner.

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