The E’s movie mode is pretty lousy. No histograms to be found here. Shooting with the E is frustrating in low light, as you can’t see a thing on the LCD and the camera has great difficulty focusing it needs an AF-assist lamp. The Fujifilm Finepix E is also larger than many digicams, which Fujifilm claims makes it more of a photographer’s camera. In fact the camera handles very well outdoors all round producing vibrant colours, with scenes being correctly exposed. If you want full access to the menu, you need to switch into one of the manual modes. I don’t care for how these buttons feel — they’re too flush with the body and they don’t have a lot of “play”.

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The flash is in the closed position, as you can tell. As a result, the camera didn’t bring in enough light and the picture is pretty dark. Don’t judge this camera on my words alone, please visit our photo gallery to see for yourself!

Fujifilm FinePix E510 – digital camera Series

Low light focusing was not good — here’s where an AF-assist lamp would’ve really helped. Optical – real-image zoom.

The camera’s main control is a dial on the top. For example whether you would like the camera to be in automatic mode, shoot a movie or use the manual settings and scene modes.


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It is not one of the smallest or lightest digital cameras. You’ll find purple fringing in almost every photo.

Shooting with the E is frustrating in low light, as you can’t see a thing on the LCD and the camera has great difficulty focusing it needs an AF-assist lamp. None of that matters if the camera is slow, poorly-designed, or if it takes bad pictures.

Fujifilm Finepix E510 5MP Digital Camera with 3.2x Optical Zoom

You can use the optional teleconverter of course, 5e10 that’s just one more thing to carry around. This made taking my night test shot picture extremely frustrating.

The downside is that the camera doesn’t have much telephoto power. Additional Features Self-Timer Delay. The pictures have good colour quality and it lets you specify modes for different uses like portrait for close ups, landscape, nightand auto if you are a keen Landscapes can be further enhanced by a pre programmed scene mode dedicated to them.

On area in which the LCD wasn’t so hot is in low light conditions.

r510 The flash modes available are: There is also a facility to adjust the brightness of the monitor. And speaking of uninspired, the camera bundle isn’t great and the movie mode is below where it should be in the year not that the Canon A-series does much better in either area.


That means that it’s super-easy to lose.

FUJI FINEPIX E Review, Price, Model, Picture, Quality, Battery, India

The version numbers are 4. Note that the cradle only charges the Fuji battery pack — regular NiMH cells are not supported. There are many things to like about the FinePix E To discuss this review with other DCRP readers, please visit our forums.

It is not so good indoors when the light is low, despite a pop up flash unit that casts more light than most. Want to take better photos and videos? Optical Sensor Size metric.

Fuji FinePix E Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

While not what I’d call a small camera, the E fits into most pockets with ease. Zoom lens – 3. Smart Home fujl Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, Price wise Fuji has it about right with ease of use, generous sized LCD screen and its manual controls all in the camera’s favour.

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