Need x4 AA batteries. Basically — it’s small, it’s very easy to use and most importantly, it works very well. Fujifilm is helping make the world a better, healthier, and more interesting place. Information such as the current record mode, frame number, flash setting and the date are displayed on the LCD monitor in addition to the image. Automatic adjustment, sunny, cloudy, daylight fluorescent, warm white fluorescent, cool white fluorescent and incandescent. Not what you were looking for? Contact Fujifilm with your question about MX

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FujiFilm MX (Finepix ): Digital Photography Review

The optical viewfinder is quite good but does lack a diopter adjustment. They also implemented a high quality Fujinon broadcasting lens that allowed the user to shoot every corner sharp and clear. This item doesn’t rigital on this page. Although it placed lower than many competing units in our laboratory-based resolution test a maximum of lines per picture height in both horizontal and vertical directions, digitsl significant vertical aliasingthis result wasn’t directly reflected in the “real world” pictures we took.

When we started taking pictures though, we were surprised and impressed: User Interface Overall, the MX’s user interface is pretty up front and self explanatory. In fairness, you wouldn’t expect to find dioptric correction on such an inexpensive digicam, but a higher eye point would have been nice. PhotoDeluxe is cameta compatible with Windows 95, 98 and NT 4. Exposure Exposure on the MX can be controlled either automatically or semi-manually, both are straightforward in operation.


Macro gets you as close as approximately 3. Flash modesAuto, On, Red-eye reduction, Off.

It fires the shutter when fully pressed. Automatic Mode In this mode, the camera controls all the exposure settings.

Fujifilm MX 1200 1.3MP Digital Camera – Silver

Shutter Button Located on top of the camera, this button sets focus and exposure settings when pressed halfway. You’ll recover the cost of the batteries and charger in just the first week’s use, and the combination will probably last as long as you own the camera! Fuji recommends staying away from manganese or lithium fkji because of potential damage from the amount of heat generated.

Conclusion The MX is a strong entry in the low-end market, providing more resolution than most cameras at its price point. Hit the Display button to use the LCD as a viewfinder, and a second time to dismiss the menus and have an unobstructed view of the subject. It’s here and it’s here now, just in time for the holiday season.

Image resolution is actually 1, x pixels – or 1, pixels, not quite the claimed 1. You can write protect SmartMedia by placing a write protection sticker in the designated area.

The optical viewfinder sits right on top of the lens and provides about 87 percent frame coverage. In playback mode, the LCD screen provides reasonably sharp images, but has an added bonus in the form of up to 4x “zoomed” playback. Above you can see pictures of the MXthe Finepixthe original box and the blister package.


The optical viewfinder features a center autofocus target dot as well as a side LED that lights green, orange or red, depending on the camera’s status. At maximum resolution digiatl image quality, the shot-to-shot cycle time was only 4. Cycle time is a measure of how quickly the camera can take a second shot after the shutter is snapped for the first one. You have control over flash, Macro and Digital Telephoto functions. Comes with all the leads needed and a fujifilm memory card and user manual.

Cmera the LCD monitor is on, the captured image will appear briefly and disappear.

Manual Manual mode is denoted on the mode dial with the same red camera symbol with an M next to it. A countdown is also displayed on the LCD monitor.

Fujifilm Finepix – 2. The Mode Dial is well marked and the buttons are labeled as common sense would dictate. The sturdy case has a silver sheen with a well fuuji grip on the front an array of bumps to act as a thumb grip on the back. It takes excellent closeups, which i need for product photos in my store.

We found the resulting tripod mount to be quite stable though, as there’s enough of the camera bottom left on the left-hand side of the tripod socket to provide a flat mounting surface.

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