I know that in that case I definitely had to go to the registry, so I imagine that this is still the case. But I guess you’ll see them once the cover is opened. Most other brand common usb printers also just plug in and work as well, but HP makes the most effort, hence deserves preferential treatment at purchase. Windows try’s to mitigate some of it retardedness by automatically saving “restore” points when you install hardware, you may well be able to achieve my manual instruction better by restoring to a restore point, if the system made one at a convenient point in time, which I think it would have. You will find there is a lot of Windows centric IT advise out there of dubious quality, mostly it is just poor quality IT staff that really don’t know what they are on about, they have usually only used Windows. Now for my fee more rant: Ask a question and give support.

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Epson USB printer/driver issue

Thanks for you reply, I will try the fix in the morning. I suspect that is what you have done. HP makes the most effort to fully support Linux, so if all other aspects are equal, always buy a HP printer. Do epsson already have an account? So I have rewritten my post with more “how fix it” information. Even when the windows chosen driver was uninstalled and so too was the Epson software, the keys created by windows associated with the printer ID remained.

If so, you will get exactly the behaviour that you are talking about here. HP make a good effort to fully support all their printers on Linux, so all things being equal, always buy a HP. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds.


TM-T88II – Software & Document – Thermal line Printer – Download – POS – Epson

I have this issue as well. You must log in peson sign up to reply here. I briefly tried deleting the registry keys but I spent all of about 10mins on it. To install a printer in Kubuntu Linux or any other modern desktop Linux you follow this procedure But I guess you’ll see them once the cover is opened.

UB-U01II/U02II User’s Manual – User’s Manual – Thermal line Printer – Download – POS – Epson

Ub-01ii R printer Firewire driver Problem Nov 27, Their peson solutions were mostly fob offs or time extenders for them. Ask a question and give support. Unable to download and install driver for Epson printer Jan 7, Go to the control pannel, system, device manager, find the item that Windows thinks is there when you connect your printer and force it to use the driver for your printer. They literally are the worst customer service center I’ve ever had the misfortune to have to deal with.

This helped me a lot. This reboot is how you unload the old registry and load up the newly edited registry. Be conservative, delete one or two thing that seem obvious and then try it.

Important notes – 1 Deleting all the software in the way you describe does NOT remove it all, it still ub-u01ii behind “stuff” in your system. Unfortunately I cannot run Linux on the machine due to the software constraints Epsin am faced with.

Any tips on where to look in the registry would be appreciated seeing as it being such a jungle that it is! Just plug the stupid printer in, wait 5 seconds for Linux to automatically configure it and Unless your hardware is in more than 34 pieces, in which case its probably smashed!


Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Your advice was invaluable and you have solved umpteen hours of work on this.

Maybe it’s an updated version to the TM virtual port driver you’ve tried? So the keys had to be deleted or a system restore to a point where the reg keys never existed.

I think from memory there will only be a couple of things to delete, epskn make sure you don’t delete something that you need.

Join the community hereit only takes a minute. Make sure you make a backup of your registry first. PS Have ib-u01ii on the phone to epson support epsonn over a week, Initially I was told that the engineer would find a printer and try and install epdon himself on win 7 64 bit, no one got back to me, then i was told he had trouble getting hold of that model but would do it asap, no one got back to me, then I was told this guy had been moved from this team but the problem had been sent to Level 2 support, no one got back to me, then i was told that another customer was having the same problem and theyve sent in their printer so Epson can diagnose the problem

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