One strategy is to look for a few key features that make a camera stand out from the crowd. The Epson LV produced very good color throughout my testing. Lower than average barrel distortion at wide angle. Just as important as an extra memory card is a tool to rescue your images when one of your cards fails at some point in the future. In Movie mode, options are x , x , and x See our Canon i review for details on that model.

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Reviews 0 Write a review cqftsftxrdwbwfu. Flash has trouble up close though. It also has one stand-out feature: The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Playback mode is noted on the Mode dial with the traditional Playback symbol a triangle enclosed within a rectangle outline.

Leica MP Film Cameras. Other features of note are the x 30fps movie mode, and the Print Image Framer option, which enables you to add decorative borders to your photos. Deletes a pre-selected group of images from the memory card. When not in use, the telescoping zoom lens retracts neatly inside the body, and a small plastic l-00v shutter automatically closes over the lens to protect it. Skin tones were also quite natural.

Epson LV Digital Camera B31B B&H Photo Video

With a resolution of pixels per inch, it displays supersharp images both in playback mode and while shooting. True to point-and-shoot form, exposure on the LV remains under automatic control at all times, great for novices looking for simplicity, but with no provision for direct exposure control by more experienced users.


The LV’s exposure system was more accurate than most, producing accurate exposures in most instances, and generally requiring less exposure compensation in shots that require it than do most cameras I test. Since the LV doesn’t accommodate AA batteries in any shape or form, and given its relatively modest battery life 96 minutes in capture modeWpson highly recommend picking up a spare battery and keeping it freshly charged and on-hand.

Epson PhotoPC L-500V

Controls the amount of information displayed on the LCD screen in Record mode. Any user-set exposure options are displayed, as well as the file number, exposure mode selected, aperture, shutter speed, and the date and time of image capture. Novices will appreciate the Auto shooting mode, which handles all of the exposure decisions, including the image e;son and quality, as well as a “manual” mode that allows exposure compensation, ISO, and white balance adjustments.

This button also backs out of menu screens. Lower than average barrel distortion at wide angle. Dec 23, The big, bright, high-resolution display should make the Epson a hit with families and friends who want to immediately share the fun. Indicated on the Mode dial with a silver camera icon and a “M,” this mode epsonn access to the LCD menu system, and options for adjusting the ISO, exposure compensation, and white balance settings, in addition to resolution and quality.


In Playback mode, the Right and Left arrows l-50v0 through captured images. Specifically, two series of 8MP images. Pushing the controller to the left turns the Macro close-up mode on and off, and pressing it down accesses the two Self-Timer modes.

With a worst-case run time of only 96 minutes, the Epson LV’s battery life k-500v on the short side of average. Geometric distortion on the Epson LV was a bit lower than average at the wide-angle end, where I measured approximately 0. Visit manufacturer site for details.

Epson PhotoPC LV: Digital Photography Review

Resets the camera to its default settings. Sets the type of sound for camera operation, as well as the volume. Controls the brightness of the LCD display. Sony’s follow-up to its NEX-6 laps the field with its 11fps burst and comfortable design. Note that slow memory cards could result in shorter recording times though, if the card isn’t able to keep up with the camera.

Epsn and worst of Nikon Coolpix 1,mAh LiIon We don’t generally like joysticks on cameras, though this one works well.

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