A K Certified Buyer 3 Dec, So I need help in this case. The product was delivered within 2 days on May and it worked fine for 38 days and then it just stopped working!!!! Furthermore, additional software may be needed to configure the button options. Govind February 28, at Can you be more specific? But for those who are already experiencing the issue, we will try to provide the best solutions.

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Gamepads are an indispensable tool for gamers. There are many answers to the same question. While portable gaming systems come with a built-in gamepadsome gamepads are designed to connect with a computer via a USB connection. Unknown July 8, at 1: So how to check the gamepad and vibration are working or not?


Here is a step-by-step instruction for installing the latest driver in compatibility mode:. Once the gamepad is enabled, Windows will recognize it and try to install the necessary drivers for it. I mean the vibration joypzd is opposite e.

Order received by me after 3 days of order. Have you used this product?


gibration But the interface looks different on different OS. I think this problem is since it was new This thread is locked. Most of the time we use to migrate from our old phone to the new one and on that case, we too want to transfer I have the same question 7. And what’s your OS and version?

Setting up or installing a joystick or gamepad

The steps are same for Windows 8. Not being able to use your gamepad on Windows 10 can be a problem, but we hope that you solved the issue with one of our solutions. I have also tried this on other PCs having win 10 ent x86 and win 7 ulti x Future Proof My PC. Unknown May 17, at 9: An unrecognized gamepad on Windows 10 could arise due to conflicting drivers.

Really decent productand a good addon for casual gamers.

Game Pad Archives – Enter Multimedia

Okay, let me try your updated method. If you are like mewho owns a decent computerand looking for games as just for casual entertainmentlike playing a few racing or fps gamesthen this is a product for you.


If the controller works on another PC without any issues, the problem is most likely related to your system. Speaking of gamepad problems, here are some joyoad the common issues that users reported:.

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Vibration Gamepad Drivers for Windows 7 8 and 10

I searched the web. The discussion area is the place where you joypsd to chat with fellow gamers and techies. I will post soon the consequences. Which OS are you using?

Another problem – The shoulder buttons get stuck sometimes and after tapping on the edges they come out. To check if your controller is working properly, we advise you to connect it to a different PC and see if it works. Admin July 23, at 6: Some people say it jogpad and sometimes not.

Check if the battery is inserted properly.

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