Then I discovered that the installation creates some kind of proprietary virtual machine, which is only visible to the EagleSoft software. This means the client signs in with a username and password. Quaternion 9, 5 42 I use SQLWorkbench to copy the data from the production system into a Postgres database so I can hack on it without damaging the production environment. Thanks Aaron, I am using the latest demo version

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Then I use Django’s inspectdb to generate models of the database environment. I should probably run this by our legal team.

For read-only access you can call Patterson and ask them for the password to the “Database Admin” section of their “Technical Reference” tool that is installed on your server.

Like I mentioned before, Eaglesoft 19 has a locked-down version of the database. Can you explain how you used PHP to establish a connection with eaglesoft database please. It’s quite easy to use This means the client signs in with a username and password. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?

Also do we need any credentials to connect to the database?

[Sybase][ODBC Driver][SQL Anywhere] Database server not found

This software was installed on their local server, including a patient database, a schedule and all manner of medical records. Now you’re restricting it and telling us we have to pay for access. Now after that fascinating and lengthy preamble, here is my question: Shoot me an e-mail. Code buried somewhere in an archived project. As of Eaglesoft 19, it looks like Patterson has password protected the database and they have gone out of their way to prevent users from getting at the data without paying them for access.


I have written my own PHP driven website to access and manipulate data in my eaglesoft database. It’s my first name ‘aaron’ at ‘heyaaron.

My customer is a dental practice that has bought a piece of practice management software. How do we know which DSN is installed with software. It sounds like you are trying to extort money by holding our data hostage. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

I installed nmap since winpcap can’t do localhost traffic, but don’t see anything using Wireshark. They do have an interactive query window, but obviously that’s no good for osbc automated queries.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Looking at the ODBC. The username is ‘dba’ and whatever password you set.

Justin Shafer: Eaglesoft 18 Beta Security

ShaulBehr Do you remember what kind of driver you used? Once you are in there, there’s an option to set a read-only password for access to the database. To see database eablesoft you can use the technical reference included in eaglesoft or advanced query tool. BlaireAndaloc This post is approaching its 5th anniversary. I’d use a tool like squirel which is great at browsing any database to check if anyone was successful with “SQL Anywhere” this google result: All the Eaglesoft clients at least back in the version ish days would create a database connection to the server and query directly rather than sending some data to the server process and getting a result.


I’d use a tool like squirel which is great at browsing any database to oxbc if anyone was successful with “SQL Anywhere” this google result:. So I searched around on the server and couldn’t find any database files. From there it’s easy to create ‘views’ into the database and templates to display exactly what I want. And if there’s anyone else out there who’s ever succeeded in actually querying EagleSoft or any similar proprietary package – please tell me how you did it!

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