Note to access non telstra sites you might need to disable proxy in my connections Hope this works guys. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Malaysia Indonesia Mobile version. To use this function, you must first establish an ActiveSync connection between the phone and computer, and then activate the ActiveSync application program on the computer. For your reading convenience, this manual is designed with many tips and services in order to help you fi nd information quickly.

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Page Topic Appendix A.

To use this function, you must fi rst obtain the server information such as user name, password, and network name from the server administrator. Index Action Open the Comm Manager Chinese display Software is required kodem you wish to scan business cards in Chinese.

Active Tasks in progress tasks Block Recognizer input screen Block Recognizer input screen: Smile It’s not possible to type with one hand as it was with the 2s unless you want to risk dropping your precious Pro.

You can see above the “W” and “I” keys the hardware buttons that correspond to WM5’s nodem keys; above the “P” key is a light sensor that detects the lighting to determine whether or not the keyboard should illuminate.


I doubt sopod will got to the trouble of providing WM6 and Telstra won’t do it on their own.

Hong service provider network Kong Select Restart device to apply settings Managing Call History 3. Using the Phone as a Bluetooth Modem GPRS may be different depending on the service provider, for example: Between the three, the Pro had the hardest time standing up straight!

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Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Turn off Windows XP built-in fi rewall functions By searching and deleting excessively large data on the phone, you can effectively release internal memory space on the phone.

To listen to voicemail messages, you can dial the voicemail number provided by the service provider from the phone application. Setting Up Speed Dial Entries 3. Enables you to edit the task table and create new Excel Mobile Excel documents on your phone. QuickMark uses the camera to capture QR Code. When you use Internet Explorer connection, this will use the work confi gured and not the Internet confi gured connection.


Table Of Contents Name it Telstra Internet Click the modem tab. To edit, please refer Take ticket view more information to action A2DP is supported without the need for hacks.

WiFi is the default network connection setting. Page Magic Puz Game introduction: Activate the Bluetooth function on the phone and the computer 3. Index Action Open Word Mobile Then select Next Enter your name and group information, Select the installation destination folder.

DOPOD 838PRO User Manual

Please settings when connecting server socket connection, for example: Note 1 For network settings, please refer to Chapter I won’t be able to load it until tomorrow.

XDA Labs Labs is an independent app store that ropod developers full control over their work. Phone has not detected WiFi wireless network Select the call type to List all outgoing calls browse.

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