Manually Find Drivers from below List. If the monitor’s power indicator power indicator does not light up, see “Troubleshooting the Troubleshooting troubleshooting a wet computer Page 45 Dell Diagnostics: Page 50 Dell Diagnostics: Sound Sound determines whether the integrated audio controller is On or Off. Desktops hot Dell popular driver download Option 2:

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The password setting changes to Enabled.

When you connect an interface cable, do not reverse the interface cable do not place the colored strip away from pin 1 of the connector. Figure 3 in “Inside Your Computer” for the location of the battery.

Type y if all the Xs are the correct colors; otherwise, type n. Customers in Chile call the U. Main Menu Categories Dell Diagnostics: Enter your system information to access help tools and information.

If you reconfigure your hardware, you may need pin number and signal information for the USB connectors. Before you can assign a system password, you must enter the System Setup program and check the System Password option.

Chassis Intrusion Setup and Operation: Remove the Figure 4 in “Inside Your Computer” Customer Service delp When the operating system is installed, you can connect peripheral devices such as a printer or install application programs not already installed by Dell.


Troubleshooting The System Board If the monitor is not at fault, perform the following steps: Throughout this guide, there may be blocks of text printed in bold type or in italic type. Connect any cables that should be attached to the card.

Dell OptiPlex GX1 Workstation PC Product Specifications

Table of Contents Add to optiplsx manuals Add. Dell OptiPlex GX1 Small-Form-Factor System User’s Guide Checking Connections and Switches Improperly set switches and controls and loose or improperly connected cables are the most likely source of problems for your computer, monitor, or other peripheral such as a printer, keyboard, optipex, or other external equipment.

Page 68 System Setup Options: Parallel Ports Test Group. A program usually includes installation instructions in its accompanying documentation and a software installation routine on its program diskette s or CD s.

dell optiplex GX1 | IT History Society

Network administrators can automate inventory to occur every day, week, or month at a certain hour, on the hour; or they can enable inventory as needed.

Reserved Memory Older hard-disk drives are reported with full details about type, cylinders, heads, cylinder numbers, sectors, and size. Software Features The following software is included with your Dell computer system: Automatically identifies all hardware devices and finds the required drivers.


How To Use The Dell Diagnostics Information on the main screen of the diagnostics is presented in the following five areas: Page Help Overview: These particular error messages are not covered in this section because the errors that generate these messages can be resolved only with Dell technical optip,ex.

Page System Setup Program Overview If your Dell computer system is not working as expected, and if optipled are not sure what to do, start your troubleshooting with the procedures in this section. Reconnect your computer and peripherals to an electrical outlet, and then turn them on. Cover was previously removed. Slide the expansion-card cage out of the chassis.

If the problem is resolved, the original printer cable was faulty.

No sound on optiplex gx1 – Dell Community

Referbished Dell after 3 yrs with computer no sound all of suden. This information is invaluable to the Dell support staff if you need to call for technical assistance.

Page 28 Installing Upgrades:

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