Last edited 6 years ago by AllTheVbox! Bug is not a security issue. Reboot to windows 4. Last modified 13 months ago. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

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Should just work because it’s certified by Canonical Enterprise Services: After I booted into Windows usb for me, separate harddrive for buddydownloaded latest drivers from Dell for Precision http: Bug is not a security issue.

Did exact same steps on “bad” computer Precision and got the error. Still the same problem!

Could you please do this following https: Last modified 13 months ago. See TracTickets for help on using tickets. Will someone at Oracle please, PLEASE at least acknowledge that this is a problem, explain why it’s happening, and provide a sense of whether there is a technical approach to fix it in a future release?

Looking for help with Linux and the Broadcom BCM – Linux – Level1Techs Forums

Native to Ubuntu Virtual box will allow me to connect the from the USB devices menu. Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. Del a good first step. Where X, and Y are the first two numbers of the kernel version, and Z is the release candidate number if it exists.


Even Microsoft has a TechNet article about it with a really nice troubleshooting chart. Seth Arnold seth-arnold wrote on If the latest kernel did not allow you to test to the issue ex.

Enabling Dell Latitude RFID/NFC (Broadcom ) ยท

This issue is still present as of 5. Karl Hill, the quickest way to confirm for your hardware is backup your install, temporarily install Windows via either: Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. But the hardware sure is supported without limitations and without the need for a separate driver. Skylake is the problem, existing drivers no longer work with the new chipset.

The above cycles on syslog roughly every second until card is removed. I wish there was a way to identify within VB what the problem is. broarcom

How to Fix Dell Broadcom USH Driver Problems

I’ve seem most of this already, and tried it. I tested the Penalver penalvch wrote on It worked though, but in some situations it would remove the GUI prompt for the password, so in those instances you would just have to know that it wanted the fingerprint. Machine that doesn’t “work” is Dell Precision with same reader.


This would be the most helpful for folks who have exactly the same hardware as you do. Code execution on the TPM i believe works with the card reader, so maybe this is related? Karl Broadcomm, to clarify, do you have a functionality issue when using the card in Ubuntu Card also works on kernel 3.

I really want to use VirtualBox! Please execute the following command only once, as it will automatically gather debugging information, in a terminal: Previously I have had the same issue with Ubuntu, etc.

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