Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. Sean , May 14, No, create an account now. If this holds true, you’ll be needing an additional controller, like the MV8 or M Dash , May 14, When going for a NIC, do go for an Intel based one Thanks for the link.

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This is definitely something to look into now. Already have an account?

Password Please enter a password for your user account. But there’s too many strikes against the P5N. If I had to put a PCI ethernet card in that wouldn’t be too big of a problem and a cheap way to go.

Running an SSD on a non-AHCI mobo! Please advise | The SSD Review and Technology X Forums

AFAIR linux kernels relied on the forcedeth module, which was based on a hacked driver Frozen colours 13 items. Last edited by a moderator: It doesn’t have AHCI support.

You need to be a member in order to ass a comment. I plan on starting with 2 3TB’s and a 2tb drive for the initial setup.

Running an SSD on a non-AHCI mobo! Please advise…

I’ll be coming here if I have any issues! You could look for an older Supermicro that can handle the processor and memory you have. Anyway, it’s foolish to not have one attached to your system. Water cooling with TT Armor. When all 3 returned home from the market, however, Ted took the apples and cherries into his room, and Sally took the bananas into her room.


Over time, the caching software replaces existing data with “hotter” data, such as data read more frequently or more recently accessed than what’s being replaced on the cache SSD. The board has 4 S-ATA ports I went into the BIOS, but no sign of ahci.

Does p5n-d has ahci support ? – – An Overclocking Community

Yeah I’m kinda thinking the same thing. That was my logic behind going with a cheap PCI video card.

I you want to play safe within the CPU specs, choose this one: MRFSMay 15, Would you recommend me staying with my GPU card? Native Command Queuing was invented historically to optimize access times with rotating platters.

How do I change to ahci mode on a asus p5n-d motherboard?

Seasonic tends to be expensive – the Corsair range are usually more affordable, and widely used in unRAID builds, particularly the CX for ‘smaller’ systems. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below.


I’d go with any single rail, rated 80Plus 80Plus-Gold if possible around Auss I think the biggest hype we need to sometimes look beyond deals with our testing and the high benchmark results we see. Quote message in reply? While we’re on the subject, keep your eye out for a UPS.

This looks better even an “overkill” with being DDR but technically it will work and is good for a CPU upgrade later: Crap I do these things at work every week, ahco I completely forgot the other name for it. I was planning on getting the MV8 so it is in my budget. I live in Canada so the price is a bit more for me not by too much though.

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