Supported processors and buses: But on the base of this board one can realize infinite number of versions of the same board, and the customer will choose exactly what he needs. In a computer industry everything seems simpler. The MB total memory limit of the is still in effect, however. Unlike the i chipset , the optional display cache is not included on the motherboard, but can be added via a Graphics Performance Accelerator GPA card that sits in the AGP slot, but it’s still the same old display cache from the i Log in Don’t have an account?

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First it supports only MBytes memory, it lacks ECC support, and the performance gives up hope – the level set by BX hasn’t been beaten.

Well, it very “easy” money! Conclusion So, the flagship model mitherboard ASUS on the chipset from Intel got rid of integrated video and some other unnecessary things, lost USD, and now it’s ready to fight against competitors in order to win users’ hearts.

While many AnandTech readers probably won’t make use of it, the also features integrated ibased 3D graphics.

The newest iEP chipset legacy stability promising overclockability Lows: And video cards are becoming not so exacting as earlier, this will allow using just a usual AGP without Pro. Panasonic 40x speed Video card: But it is probably this definite sample to blame.

ASUS CUSL2-C, Socket 370, Intel (CUSL2-C/533/WOA/6P11) Motherboard

In a computer industry everything seems simpler. So, what does it lack of? You might argue that today many manufacturers use such approach – for example, they provide a space for the second BIOS chip and so on, but in such a scale it’s the first time.


Auto Detect increase by up to 0. On the other side, some Jaguar fans may not like the car with a reputation tarnished by the transport for housewives First azus the differences from CUSL2. We don’t have practically free sound in AC’97 codec, 3 audio connectors – Line-In, Line-Out and Microphone, and a connector for a joy-stick. Instead of AGP Pro slot there installed a usual AGP – and indeed, video chips are being transferred little by little on the finer technological process.

CUSL2 | ASUS Global

Unfortunately, ASUS didn’t pay required attention to the user’s manual and unfortunately left a lot of words on an integrated video that GMCH featured. Fortunately, it also offers an AGP 4X slot for higher performance systems or future expansion. BioShock Infinite and Metro: And motherboarc let’s turn to the performance of the board.

ASUS always seems to have some of the most innovative motherboards, and the CUSL2 is no exception, featuring by far one of the strangest looking innovations we’ve ever seen at AnandTech. Video 3Digests Video cards: But on the base of this board one can realize infinite number of versions of the same board, and the customer will choose exactly what he needs.

Take for example Jaguar company that is part of the Ford Concern – it’s high class English autocar, a real respectability. For whatever reason, some companies manage to garner a sort of “cult” following.

ASUS CUSL2 Socket-370 i815E ATX

As for stability of work, there is nothing to complain about. But this step allows saving a lot of money when developing a platform for a new Jaguar. The AC’97 audio is upgraded to support up to 6 channels of audio, although anyone serious about their sound will want to motherobard a true hardware based PCI solution.


So if you are an overclocker you have to look for a good square cooler. First, they saved on new chipset project; second, they dug out non-standard GMCH the main reason of motheboard is hidden exactly in the graphics coredisabled integrated video in BIOS, and started to sell it.

With Intel’s recent introduction of the i and iE chipsets, it seems that we finally have a decent replacement for the venerable iBX.

CUSL2-C – ASUS Motherboards Mainboards Drivers Manuals BIOS

Well, it does add some flexibility to the CUSL2, allowing users to add first a modem riser and later a network riser or mtherboard combination of two devices, rather than being forced to buy the appropriate riser with everything they want all at once. It’s usually a result of high-quality products time and time again.

ASUS happens to be one of those companies in the motherboard industry.

Nobody would motherboars its back on a board that was created on the base of uniform PCB, with a lot of non-unsoldered ports, chips and expandable slots.

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