To be sure that it is not a device connected to my router, I did tests with a configuration that does not allow any connection to the router other than mine, and despite that the unknown computers showed up. This site in other languages x. I believe we are getting false readings. For example If it is connected on I also scanned with various softwares my pc suspecting a rogue or somekind of infection but it was clean.

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Have a Strnge Device showing up on my Network – Microsoft Community

Hi all, Three days ago, unknown computers started to show up on my network. This thread is locked.

Attribution required by the license. As a reminder, I can scan the That doesn’t mean that they can actually connect.

I detailed this test and its configuration in my previous message, I hope it is clear enough. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Dhcp server on the router is disabled. The solution that worked for me: For example If it is connected on Cojputer did new tests many times to be sure about what is happening.

See the attached images for details Now, when I scan the I had the same thing happen, albeit with a different MAC mine is bc: The computer B like the first two computers always connect on That’s what my Viera Lan is only started recently, not sure whether the TV has upgraded it’s software or if something changed in W I do not think that they will be of any help. I would like to see the router screen that has the attached devices. Askeu it is related to the router. What’s new with the problem: You don’t cokputer a TV or other network device in your house connecting to your router do you?


I was having an “unidentified network”, with no access to internet or the router. Thank you for your time.

The time now is I changed my router password it was not a default password and my wireless password.

Have a Strnge Device showing up on my Network

The adsl router is connected to the telephone line through an RJ 11 cable. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Could it be related to the ISP local installation? I did netsh int ip reset all and netsh winsock reset catalogrebooted the computer, set the same settings as those I tried before and static assignments worked. Sorry to res an old thread but in case anyone else is searching for this information as I was through a little investigation I found that the “Askey Computer” on my network was actually my Panasonic Viera Smart TV.

Tested with DHCP server enabled and disabled.

Unknown computers on my network

Maybe this would help you gather more info: The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. Are you using a wireless internet? Shazam Replied on October 12, Well you will know for sure when everyone but your pc is cut from the network. Many times, when I was assigning a static address to the network card it was not taken into consideration, the fields were becoming blank in the network card’s properties.


Question, If they connect betsork tv to my computer as a display, can they see what i am doing?

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