You can not post a blank message. Given that the MMIO access is sometimes absent on emulators or certain systems, this article will focus on the IO port access. I’m hoping to follow this route too having just returned from my VMWare training and asking people how they’d been doing it. Am I missing something? You also need a simple way of incrementing the pointer and wrapping back to the start if necessary.

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Windows 9x also comes with drivers for this NIC and will detect it automatically during installation. Well to put it mildly, it rocks. Of course, these are just random examples. In my case, it asked me for the disc, and when I inserted the disc, it couldn’t find it.

There are two ways of setting up the card registers: You also need to specify the physical address MAC address you want the card to use.

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LADR is the logical address filter you want the card to use when deciding to accept Ethernet packets with logical addressing. I’m not sure what might have happened if pnet MBR was corrupted — you should contact them about it as their support people are very responsive. Thanks for the help. Email Required, but never shown. Thanks for the responses.


The card maintains separate pointers internally. Please type your message and try again. At initialization, you would want the fazt to ‘own’ all the receive buffers so it can write new packets into them that it receives, then flip ownership to the driverand the driver to ‘own’ all the transmit buffers so it can write packets to be transmitted, then flip ownership to the driver.

If you do not wish to use logical addressing the defaultthen set these bytes to zero. Board index All times are UTC. You probably want this as it is far easier to poll for this situation which only occurs once anyway. Upon speaking to some guys who tried PlateSpin P2V it would appear the software installs some files on the local harddisk approx 90mbone of their servers destined for a P2V ran out of disk space and somehow ended up with a corrupted MBR, subsequently failed to boot.

I’m also curious if different guest systems have some preference to one of them over the others.

pcnwt Hmm I seem to have a similar problem. Another point to bear in mind is that Win98 networking is slightly harder to configure than XP and later – not quite so many self-configuring features, so Google is your friend when it comes to fixing a specific Win98 networking issue. Does anyone here have a success story involving a Win98 VM and working internet? We’ve fasy PlateSpin running for some time — it copies some files to the local drive to capture the drive contents which are later removed once the conversion completes.


You can not post a blank message.

Views Pcnst View source View history. I found that the most updated browser available which still runs on Win98 was Opera. Turns out all I had to do was use LAN. If you have the drivers, can you share? Interrupt done mask – if set then you won’t get an interrupt when the card has finished initializing. Please enter a title. However, there are other differences between adapter types, which should be considered when choosing between multiple types which are all supported by the guest Vast Transmit interrupt mask – if set then an interrupt won’t be triggered when a packet has completed sending.

This is discussed in may posts in the forum as well, I just couldn’t find the exact answer to my query! Once a Ghost image has been restored and had the P2V assistant tools run it works a treat! Those discs are no longer available from Microsoft, unfortunately.

Indeed you have read it right. Google [Bot] and 9 guests.

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