Search in titles only Search in Products only Search. It is that simple. If you guys have some answers please pick only what questions I asked that you have really good, and knowledgeable answers for! Mounted on Superstrut custom rack. These electronic drums work seamlessly with acoustic or electronic conversion kits and come with software drums in the instance you do not have a head module or software.

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Originally posted by SimSamurai View Post. More items related to this product. I had one already for live shows and now got another for the recording studio. I’m having hi-hat issues, however. I’m using Superior Drummer 2. If you have any other issues, or cannot sign in, please visit our Forum Talk Section for common remedies. Thats my fear with a product like this is Laesis makes it easier than ever to create and store up to 20 different setups.

The software then decides what sounds to play Closed, Open1, Alesix, etc. It is that simple. This is the fastest way to ID any issues – that I have seen so far. Hey Joe – Thanks for the comprehensive review. All my pads are single zone, but I use splitters to the IO and use both zones for 2 separate pads, thus confirming the IO’s dual hrigger capability. Please read our VDrum. I typically assign only diverse electronic sounds and noises to my kit and not any acoustic sounds.


The user interface is easy for players of all levels and the multitude of accessories make this drum kit accessible to control the percussion for the perfect range. To help you get started swiftly and efficiently, this device is accompanied by what is called EZdrummer LITE software. Would a TD trigger just as well?

This item doesn’t belong on this page. Previous 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 template Next. Any suggestions or info about this would be really helpful.

Dual connectors allow you to use this digital recording interface with a variety of modern and traditional equipment, including the DM6 Drums Set Kit. DFHS, Trivger, and why? My experiences have been mostly exactly like yours, especially with the PD Additionally, inputs are each a stereo input so you can have more than one trigger per input, which helps to create a trigger device.

If you cannot post, please visit this topic for your solution. It helps capture the nuances of oo drumming performances and seamlessly brings them over to the MIDI world for an idyllic recording. Sorry for the long tgigger guys but I am trying to get to the bottom of all this before I start throwing more money away.


Alesis Trigger iO experiences – VDrums Forum

From what I’ve read, if I get the settings right, the Alesis should work great with the Pintechs. Alesis Trigger iO experiences.

Alesia play drumming modulars or lay down tracks in your preferred MIDI sequencer application, merely connect the USB output to your computer. Mounted on Superstrut custom rack.

The biggest thing that bugs me right now is the hi-hat. Show More Show Less. Originally posted by jfreder View Post.

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