Adjusts the printing side-to-side registration from each paper feed station, using the Trimming Area Pattern SP, No. It is included as standard equipment on all other models. The machine chooses the most suitable gamma curve for the original type selected by the user. If you wish to check the signal during a copy cycle, select the required copy modes, then press!. Independent Dot Erase When the user selects Text 1 and 2, Photo 2, and Special 1, 2, and 5 modes, independent dots are detected using a matrix and erased from the image.

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Scanner gamma correction 4. The value of SP controls the application of Texture Removal for each of the 5 modes listed above. Check the trailing edge and right side edge blank margins, and adjust them using the following SP modes.

Paper did not reach the duplex inverter sensor from the registration roller. Remaining toner may cause dirty background on the rear side. Note that the Text indicator does not have to be allocated to a Text mode and the Photo key does not have to be allocated to a Photo mode. Do not screw the LD unit in too tightly when installing it. Initialize the electric total counter using SP in accordance with the type of service contract.


Scanner home position error 3 The scanner home position sensor detects the on condition while the scanner is returning to the home position.

Doing so will throw the lens and copy image out of focus. Remove the PCU from the mainframe. Print Counter List 3. Paper End Sensor If a succession of low-density dots is detected, the machine interprets this as a low ID line and applies the MTF filter for low ID lines, using the value set in SP Join the connectors [A, D]. Adjust the trays in order: Do not place the machine where it will be exposed to corrosive gases.

The Paper End indicator does not light when the 2nd paper tray is selected, even if there is no paper in the tray. B DF Feed Clutch The above illustration is the B model. Original Width Sensors 6.

Drivers for manufacturers Ricoh to Printers

afciio Paper caught at the exit sensor previous page. Displays the total number of copies by paper size. To return to SP mode, press the! The bias is applied to the development roller shaft [A] through the drive shaft [B]. If these conditions occur, check the ID sensor output using this SP mode.


Turn off the main switch.

Ricoh AE011065, Upper Fuser Roller, 1015, 1018- Original

The settings are as follows: The rear right edge is 4 Right side this value plus 0. Reposition the holder and press down the holder lever to secure the bottle. If this occurs, repeat the upload procedure. Disconnect the lamp connector [F]. Check the status of the sensor or switch.

It turns on whenever the power cord is plugged in. Load the paper in the paper tray and make a full size copy, and check if the side-to-side and leading edge registrations are correct. Then, the IPU deletes the black level value from each image pixel.

If the pattern is not even, adjust the alignment as follows.

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